I’m currently an assistant professor at Kyungpook National University, College of IT Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering department. Before, I was affiliated with Bio & Health Informatics Lab and Bioinformatics Institute at Seoul National University (SNU) as a postdoctoral Research Fellow. I received a Ph.D. degree in Bioinformatics at the Life Science department (SNU) in 2017. My research area focuses on developing machine learning algorithms and tools for analyzing high throughput next generation sequencing data from various organisms, such as, rice, ginseng, chicken, mouse and human.


Ph.D. in Bioinformatics

2012 - 2017
Life Science department, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Thesis: “Clustering methods and approaches for the integrated analysis of protein coding and non-coding transcripts”

Advisor: Sun Kim

Main research areas:

  • Machine learning
  • Big data mining
  • Computational interpretation of biological data

MSc in Computer Science

2005 - 2007
Computer Science department, Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Thesis: “RMon: A Proactive Sensor Network Management Framework for the RETOS Applications”

Advisor: Hojung Cha

Main research areas:

  • Embedded systems and operating systems for sensor networks
  • Sensor network monitoring algorithms and tools

BSc in Computer Science

2001 - 2004
University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand

Received Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science at the Computer Science department.


Excellent Dissertation Award

Aug. 2017
Life Science department, Seoul National University

Thesis title: “Clustering methods and approaches for the integrated analysis of protein coding and non-coding transcripts”

Outstanding Paper Award

Nov. 2017
한국생명정보학회, Korean Society of Bioinformatics (KSBi)

Paper title: “TimesVector: a vectorized clustering approach to the analysis of time series transcriptome data from multiple phenotypes.”

Participation Award

Oct. 2012

Award title: Participation Award for taking role in the publication of IEEE Std 802.16p-2012 and 802.16.1b-2012


Publications listed in chronological order

A non-negative matrix factorization based framework for the analysis of multi-class time-series single-cell RNA-seq data
Inuk Jung, Joungmin Choi and Heejoon Chae
IEEE Access, Volume 8, 2020 [link]
Development of genetic quality tests for good manufacturing practice-compliant induced pluripotent stem cells and their derivatives
Hye-Yeong Jo, Hyo-Won Han, Inuk Jung, Ji Hyeon Ju, Soon-Jung Park, Sunghwan Moon, Dongho Geum, Hyemin Kim, Han-Jin Park, Sun Kim, Glyn N Stacey, Soo Kyung Koo, Mi-Hyun Park, Jung-Hyun Kim
Nature Scientific Reports, 10(1), 2020 [link]
HTRgene: a computational method to perform the integrated analysis of multiple heterogeneous time-series data: case analysis of cold and heat stress response signaling genes in Arabidopsis
Hongryul Ahn, Inuk Jung, Heejoon Chae, Dongwon Kang, Woosuk Jung and Sun Kim
BMC Bioinformatics volume 20, Article number: 588 (2019) [link]
Comprehensive and critical evaluation of individualized pathway activity measurement tools on pan-cancer data
Sangsoo Lim, Sangseon Lee, Inuk Jung, Sungmin Rhee, Sun Kim
Briefings in Bioinformatics 2018, bby097, [link]
The mRNA and miRNA transcriptomic landscape of Panax Ginseng under the high ambient temperature
Inuk Jung, Hyejin Kang, Jan Uk Kim, Hyeonsook Chang, Sun Kim and Woosuk Jung
BMC Systems Biology, 12(Suppl 2):27, 2018 [link]
TimesVector: a vectorized clustering approach to the analysis of time series transcriptome data from multiple phenotypes.
Inuk Jung, Kyuri Jo, Hyejin Kang, Hongryul Ahn, Youngjae Yu, Sun Kim
Bioinformatics, 33(23), 2017 [link] [website]
Clustering and evolutionary analysis of small RNAs identify regulatory siRNA clusters induced under drought stress in rice
Inuk Jung, Hongryul Ahn, Seon-Ju Shin, Jukon Kim, Hawk-Bin Kwon, Woosuk Jung and Sun Kim
BMC Systems Biology, 10(Suppl 4):115, 2016 [link]
Transcriptional Network Analysis Reveals Drought Resistance Mechanisms of AP2/ERF Transgenic Rice
Hongryul Ahn, Inuk Jung, Seon-Ju Shin, Jinwoo Park, Sungmin Rhee, Ju-Kon Kim, Woosuk Jung, Hawk-Bin Kwon, Sun Kim
Frontiers in Plant Science, 8:1044, 2016 [link]
Novel drought-responsive regulatory coding and non-coding transcripts from Oryza Sativa L.
Seon-Ju Shin, Hongryul Ahn, Inuk Jung, Sungmin Rhee, Sun Kim, Hawk-Bin Kwon
Genes & Genomics, 38(10), 2016 [link]
Influence maximization in time bounded network identifies transcription factors regulating perturbed pathways
Kyuri Jo, Inuk Jung, Ji Hwan Moon and Sun Kim
Bioinformatics, 32(12), 2016 [link]
Spherical vector clustering 기법과 Support Vector Machine을 이용한 한발관련 표현형이 다른 벼의 복수 시계열 Next Generation Sequencing 테이터의 분석
강혜진, 정인욱, 정우석, 김선
한국정보과학회 2015년 동계학술발표회 논문집, 2015(12), 2015 [link]
piClust: A density based piRNA clustering algorithm
Inuk Jung, Jong Chan Park and Sun Kim
Computational Biology and Chemistry, 50, 2014 [link] [website]
BioVLAB- Cloud-based Bioinformatics Analysis Workbench
서석준, 오민식, 정인욱, 채희준, 김선
한국정보과학회, 정보과학회논문지, 31(3), 2013 [link]
Bio and health informatics meets cloud : BioVLab as an example
Heejoon Chae, Inuk Jung, Hyungro Lee, Suresh Marru, Seong-Whan Lee and Sun Kim
Health Information Science and Systems, 1:6, 2013 [link]
Advanced handover schemes in IMT-advanced systems
Ronny Yongho Kim, Inuk Jung, Xiangying Yang, Chao-Chin Chou
An Improved Cross-Layering Design for IPv6 Fast Handover with IEEE 802.16m Entry Before Break Handover
Ronny Yongho Kim, Inuk Jung, Young Yong Kim
RETOS: Resilient, Expandable, and Threaded Operating System for Wireless Sensor Networks
Hojung Cha, Sukwon Choi, Inuk Jung, Hyoseung Kim, Hyojeong Shin, Jaehyun Yoo, Chanmin Yoon
6th International Symposium on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), 2007 [link]
RMTool: Component-Based Network Management System for Wireless Sensor Networks
Inuk Jung, Hojung Cha
4th IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC), 2007 [link]
GUI 기반의 센서 네트워크 관리 도구
Inuk Jung, Hojung Cha
한국정보과학회 2006 가을 학술발표논문집, 33:2(B), 2006 [link]


Assistant Professor

2019 - Present
Kyungpook National University, College of IT Engineering, School of Computer Science and Engineering Department

Spring Semester 2019: Lecturing Automata and Formal Languages.

Part time Lecturer

2018 - 2019
Bioinformatics, Life Science Department, Seoul National University

I’ve lectured the “Bioinformatics 2” course that covers basic to advanced techniques in bioinformatics.

Postdocotral Research Fellow

2017 - 2019
Bioinformatics Institute and Bio & Health Informatics Lab.

As a research fellow with a personal grant, my research focused on data mining large scale next generation sequencing data.

Main research topics:

  • Large scale multi-omics data integration and analysis of breast cancer data
  • CRISPR-CAS9 data analysis
  • Time-series data analysis

Assistant Research Engineer

2007 - 2011
LG Electronics, Radio Protocol Standard team

Research Engineer at LG Electronics, Anyang, Korea

  • Research and development of cellular technologies for standard bodies for WiMAX 2.0 (i.e. IEEE802.16m) and LTE Rel. 10. The standard technologies that I’ve developed are in the domains of Layer 1 and 2 (PHY/MAC). Main research and development topics are mobility management and security provision.
  • Acted as rapporteur lead for the IEEE802.16 TGm ( Handover RG (Rapporteur Group), 2008-2009
  • Acted as chair for the IEEE802.16 TGm Handover Ad-hoc group, 2009-2010
  • Acted as chair for the WiMAX 2.0 TWG Handover/Security Ad-hoc group for profiling standard technologies, 2010–2011
  • Acted as chair and editor for IEEE802.16 PPC (Project Planning Committee, on Hierarchical Networks, 2010–2011

Skills & Proficiency






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